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I’m a published author of genres ranging from speculative fiction to science fiction. Many of my releases are available online by clicking the titles below. Amongst the long boxes of his comic book collection, aquariums, Union Civil War reenactment gear, and concert posters, Benjamin Cooper concocts his fantastic works of fiction. Having studied creative writing at the University of Iowa, this father residing in Naperville, Illinois aims to open his creative mind to the world. 

Featured Story

Stranded, appearing in Space Opera Digest 2021 Fight or Flight

Interplanetary Marines on what they thought was a routine exploratory mission struggle to survive

Science Fiction

Past Releases

Slave or Die

Publication: Cirsova Magazine
Date: 10/21/20
Genre: Science Fiction

Convicted of a crime he has no memory of, prisoner T196-A3 has been sentenced to solitary labor on an automated penal installation where he must work or starve!

Fire in the Woods

Publication: Purple Wall Stories
Date: 1/1/21  Contest winner!
Genre: Fiction 

A group of college friends decide to party at a defunct state park. Jake, an unusual character no one seems to know very well, slips something into Mel’s drink. No one else is aware the two are in the throes of their own vastly different trips as Jake unhinges. Mel does his best to keep himself together and bring the pair out of a hell that seems all too real.

The Birds will Fly

Publication: The Centropic Oracle audio podcast
Date: 11/29/19
Genre: Ecological Science Fiction

Sometimes the only way to redemption is through self-sacrifice

The Minnesota Plan

Publication: Mystery Weekly Magazine
Date: 2/1/16 
Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Struggling to come to terms with a recent breakup, a college student planned the perfect murder, or so he thought.

A Brush with Death

Publication: Broadswords and Blasters Magazine
Date: 1/15/18
Genre: Mystery/Crime

Detective Sloan just wants to go to the bar and catch the Yankees game. Unfortunately for him, his job involves solving murders. 

Revolution in 2412

Publication: The Martian Wave: 2016
Date: 9/1/16 
Genre: Science Fiction

Can the Provider lead a successful revolution on Saturn’s moon of Titan? Will the colony gain independence from Earth?  

Paranoia Persona

Publication: Cheapjack Pulp Quarterly
Date: 6/1/16 
Genre: Weird

Nicholas’s life was is a downward spiral. Just when his luck seemed to be changing, he soon found himself in a heap of trouble with a newfound friend.

The Ruler of Many Destinies

Publication: The Literary Hatchet Magazine
Date: 5/23/16
Genre: Creation Myth Speculative Fiction

What if God viewed the world from a video screen room, creating the world is His image from a voice-activated computer?
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The Runner

Publication: Foliate Oak Magazine and Frontier Tales
Date: 12/1/14
Genre: Historical Fiction                                                                                                                                        A courier for the British army during the French-Indian War    traverses  enemy territory to deliver a letter.

Strange Land

Publication: Temporal Element II anthology
Date: 9/29/15 
Genre: Science Fiction

Coming to with amnesia, Bill pieces together his past while struggling to survive on an alien world. 

The Blackberry Condition

Publication: Fiction on the Web 
Date: 8/1/15 
Genre: Fiction

A henpecked husband wants to spend some time away from his suffocating wife, but mysterious forces conspire to amplify his guilty conscience.                                                        

Lonesome Cave

Publication: Enhance Magazine
Date: 11/1/13
Genre: Fiction

A short story about the uneasy relationship that is between a young boy and his strange and reclusive grandfather.

Manning the Cannon

Publication: Bewildering Stories
Date: 4/1/15 
Genre: Science Fiction

A short science fiction piece about Roberto who has trained for years to become a gunner on an interplanetary warship.

Blurgie's World

Publication: Shadow Express Magazine
Date: 6/1/15 
Genre: Fiction

Haley is at her ex-boyfriend’s bedside as he clings to life in a coma. She’s desperate to communicate, riddled with guilt from their rocky relationship.

The Quiet Willows

Publication: Poetic Monthly Magazine
Date: 3/1/15 
Genre: Poetry

A poem exhibiting my affinity for nature.

The Perfect Job

Publication: Furtive Dalliance Magazine
Date: 11/30/18 
Genre: Fiction

An unemployed slacker stumbles upon an unexpected discovery while on a job interview. Will it be a blessing or a curse?  

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